Founded by a group of passionate HVAC/R veterans, Thermojinn strive to build up an integrated platform for overseas buyers and Chinese factories. We are professional to provide customers right ice making and HVAC/R solutions with right price, with deep understanding of global markets and comprehensive
expertise of Chinese HVAC/R supply chains, Thermojinn could proudly provide the best quality products, services, one-stop project solutions with affordable prices.

THERMOJINN is Refrigeration Expert

We offer complete end to end Cooling Solutions.

Thermojinn provides a wide variety of high efficiency systems in residential and commercial applications, as well as parts, tools and other supplies (Including OEM & ODM services) for any industrial or commercial projects. We have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery and value, ThermoJinn is always your reliable partner for HVAC/R supplies.



Thermojinn has become partners with world famous suppliers like: AMG valves, XM compressors, Easycold Spain, also creates brand “ ThermoJinn” in the field of: Evaporative condenser; Ice machine, Compressor unit, A/C chillers and etc.

Thermojinn always insists on providing high-quality products. Each process is subject to strict quality inspection to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment at the use site. We have a variety of standard products, and can also customize according to customer needs to provide a complete set of refrigeration system solutions.

“Reliable, Efficient, Convenient, and Cost-effective” RECC is our value to you.
“Professional,Devoted,Friendship,Self-Discipline” PDFS is Our corporate culture.

Thermojinn Ice Machine