Tube Ice Machine

Tube Ice is without any water impurity. The ice is hard and powderless. Tube ice has longer melting time

SNOWKEY Tube Ice is hollow tube shape, is transparent, sanitary and environment friendly.

500 Kg to 60 Tons Per Day Tube Ice Plants

Tube Ice is uitable for storing and transporting and applicable for several fields.



Several Tube Ice dimensions are available. Outer diameter: 22, 29, 35, 41mm and custom to your requirement.

Tube Ice Machine SNOWKEY 1

Special Design, high efficiency and energy saving.

Refrigerant direct evaporation with high ice making efficiency. Special water line design to guarantee ice quality (even thickness, beautiful tint, clean and sanitary) and water saving. Special refrigeration loop design to greatly improve refrigeration effect and ice doffing efficiency. The only moving part is the durable ice cutting system to guarantee the running performance and lengthen the service life. Efficient heat conducting pipe to ensure meet the sanitary requirement of the whole refrigeration process and greatly improve the system refrigeration efficiency.

Tube Ice Machine Applications

  • Edible Ice Factory
  • Port Ice Plant
  • Coffee Shop, Bar and Hotels etc
  • Supermarket, Convenience Store and Restaurants etc
  • Aquatic Products and Food Fresh Preservation
  • Logistic Fresh Presevation
  • Chemical and Concrete Projects

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Tube Ice Machine
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