Refrigeration System & Packages

To meet the Commerical and Industrial Refrigeration needs of the Customer we have a complete range of Products.
From Small Monoblok Units to Condensing Units for small Cold Storages to Industrial Refrigeration with SRM Open Type Screw Compressors and Co2 Transcritical Systems.

Refcomp compressor package
SRM tec screw compressor package


Please send us your detailed requirement in terms of following :
  • Product/Application Temperature.
  • Capacity of the Product/System.
  • Evaporation Temperature.
  • Condensing Temperature.
  • Choice of Refrigerant.
  • Company Name and Location
  • Mobile Number and Email Address.
    Once we receive these details, our Sales Person will contact you.

    RefCom Compressors

    Screw Compressor (central AC products)
    SRC-S series (for R22, R407C, R290 refrigerant etc, displacement @ 50 hz: 118-1650 m’ / h)

    World’s first: specially designed for R134a models 134-S fixed frequency series (displacement @ 50 hz, 270-1100 m’ / h)

    World’s first integrated variable frequency Screw Refrigeration Compressor
    134-1built-in variable frequency series (displacement @ 50 hz, 378-1540 m’ / h)

    Screw Compressor (frozen product)
    SW3 series(displacement @50hz, 118-700 m3/h) SW5L series(displacement @50hz, 85-850 m3/h)

    RefCom Packages & Racks

    Commercial Compression (condensing) Units Series
    • Screw Compression Condensing unit
    • Parallel Screw Compression Unit
    • Parallel Piston Compression unit

    SRM Tec Compressors Packages

    SRMTec Refrigeration Packages 1
    SRMTec Refrigeration Packages 4
    SRMTec Refrigeration Packages 2
    SRMTec Refrigeration Packages 3