Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry ice, flowable is the mixture of ice crystal and water solution (usually sea water, brine, sweet water or glycol) It is also known as fluid ice, liquid ice and so on.

High Effeciency and Energy Saving Slurry Ice Machines

5 Tons per day to 40 Tons Per Day Slurry Ice Machine

Compared with solid ice, slurry ice requires less energy, space and cost. Usually, for 10~12 Kg ice, 1 kwh electricity is required, while Slurry ice machine can produce 47 kg under same electricity.



Slurry ice has the best cooling effeciency. 100% of its surface cooling area can be used. Compared with the mixture of flake ice and water, slurry ice demand less ice crystal.

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Slurry Ice Machine Advantages

Reliable and Adaptable
From design, R&D to production, we are committed to creating stable and reliable products, which can be applied to various working conditions.

Efficient Heat Exchange and Minimum Salinity
Benefit from large surface area and high heat exchange efficiency, SNOWKEY slurry ice machine requires sea water with min salinity 0.25%. There for, sea water can be used directly for ice making. No need to add brine to system/ It can be applied to most of sea area globally.

High Refrigeration Efficiency
Difference between evaporation and brine freezing should be kept at 7~12 Deg.C for making ice, while other type of ice require 18~28 Deg.C. This Slurry Ice Machine can continously make ice fast and stable.

Hygenic Standard
Evaporator and water linbe accessories are all made of stainless steel SUS and PE material.

Compact and Pumable.

slurry Ice Machine Applications

  • Fishery Industry
  • On-Board Vessel Applications
  • Vegetable Preservation
  • Meat Processing
  • Aquatic Products Processing
  • Temperature Reduction Projects
  • Cold Storage Project

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