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Get the best ice machines, refrigeration packages, screw and piston compressors from THERMOJINN. Our range of products are designed to meet your exact needs and requirements. We provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for all your commercial refrigeration needs.


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Snowkey Ice Machine

Fulfill your every Refrigeration Package, Ice Machine Need with us !

Ice Machine

Flake | Plate | Tube | Slurry Ice Machines from 500 Kg to 100 Tons Per Day Capacity. Full Automatic Ice Making Systems.

Compressor Package

Full Factory Build Compressor Packages with Screw and Reciprocating Compressors as per Customer Demand.

Evaporative Condenser

Range pf Energy Efficient, Durable with Innovative combination of twice heat-exchange design Evaporative Condensers.

RefComp & Powerbox



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Providing professional guidance to correctly design and choose the system with single point of contact. Our refrigeration systems are delivered with certified manufacturing processes and delivering high performance with optimized efficiency.

100 Tons Ice Plant
50 Tons Ice Plant

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