SNOWKEY is a Global Leader in Ice Machine manufacturing. We manufacture complete range of Ice Machines  in terms of capacity and type of Ice.

Types Of Ice Machine from SNOWKEY

Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice machine provides greater cooling efficiency than other type of ice. Directly formed at low temperatures, ice flakes are (-) 8 Deg.C

Tube Ice Machine

Tube ice is hollow tube shape, hard and powderless, transparent and without any impurity hygenic.

Direct Cooling Block Ice

Direct expansion type all in one refrigeration system with special evaporator which gives clean and sanitary Block Ice.

Plate Ice Machine

Plate Ice from 5-30 mm in thickness and different width, it has no fixed shape and thickness can be adjusted.

Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry ice if flowable mixture of ice crystal and water solution (usually sea water, brine, sweet water or glycol)

Containerised Block Ice

Shortest time of equipment installation and commissioning lowers the cost and risk for customer. Easy to move.


SNOWKEY offers Full Automatic Ice Making Plants complete with Ice Production integrated with Refrigeration System, Ice Conveying and Ice Storage.


Different types of Ice made by our machines

We have solutions for every type of Ice to fulfill your applications and also meet your capacity from small to big.

Application Of Ice - SNOWKEY

Seafood Processing

Dye Chemical Industry

Food Processing

Concrete Cooling System

Artificial Skiing Resort

Supermarket Chain