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ICE TUBE Maker is a revolutionary product that can make ice tubes quickly and easily. It is an innovative device that helps you create delicious and refreshing ice tubes in no time. With ICE TUBE Maker, you can make different shapes and sizes of ice tubes for your favorite drinks. The device is easy to use, making it ideal for everyone from experienced bartenders to home users who want to make their own unique frozen treats. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, ICE TUBE Maker makes creating delicious ice tubes easy and fun.

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ice tube maker

Tube Ice

Tube ice is a kind of regular hollow cylindrical transparent ice, compared with other kinds of ice, tube ice has the highest density which is pure, which has good air permeability and long storage life.

ice tube maker
ice tube maker
ice tube maker
Ice tube maker

Ice Tube Maker

Ice tube maker is a modern appliance that makes cylindrical-shaped ice cubes. This type of ice cube is perfect for use in drinks and cocktails, as it melts slower than traditional ice cubes.

The process of making ice with an ice tube maker is simple. Water is poured into the machine, which then freezes the water into cylindrical-shaped ice cubes. The ice cubes are then released into a container where they can be easily accessed.

ice tubes maker

THERMOJINN Tube Ice Maker : Create Delicious Ice Tubes with the Best Ice Tube Maker


Get perfect-sized ice tubes to keep your drinks cold faster than ever before. With its adjustable settings and easy-to-use design, the Ice Tube Maker is perfect for you.

Benefits of Using an Ice Tube Maker

One of the main benefits of using an ice tube maker is the shape of the ice cubes. As mentioned earlier, cylindrical-shaped ice cubes melt slower than traditional ice cubes, which means they won’t dilute your drink as quickly.

Another benefit of using an ice tube maker is the convenience. With an ice tube maker, you can have fresh ice cubes on demand, rather than having to wait for ice trays to freeze in the freezer.

Different Types of Ice Tube Makers

Ice tube makers come in different capacities. Commercial capacities come from 1 Ton to 5 Tons per day of Tube Ice. Industrial capacities come from 10 Tons to 30 Tons per day complete with refrigeration units.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Ice Tube Makers

To ensure your ice tube maker continues to function properly, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and cleaning. This includes cleaning the machine’s interior and exterior surfaces, as well as checking the water supply and drainage systems.

It’s also important to replace any worn or damaged parts as needed, such as the water filter or condenser coil. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help extend the life of your ice tube maker and ensure it continues to produce high-quality ice cubes.


•High quality stainless steel for all water and ice contacting surfaces which are corrosion resistant and easy to clean;
•Tube ice machine is furnished with sub cooler, which ensures the energy efficiency of the system and gets the higher C.O.P;
•Rapid harvest and quick recovery due to hot gas defrost;
•Highly efficient Bitzer piston compressor;
•Self-diagnostic indicator light and electronic temperature controls.

Applications of Tube Ice

Tube Ice is used for human daily life, such as drinks freezing, wines mixing, food preservation, cold compress, and also used for food & aquatic products processing, poultry slaughtering, meat processing and other industries.


Small capacity tube ice machine adopts an integral design. A complete unit with all equipment assembled in a steel frame except its cooling tower for water-cooling or air fan for air-cooling. It’s suitable for container shipment, easy to ship, move and install. Right after connecting to an electric and water source, the machine can be put into use.


Large capacity tube ice machine adopted modular design, the whole unit consists of 3 parts:
• Evaporator module: Including evaporator, evaporator accessories, pipeline control valves, etc. The evaporator is
high, so  when  transporting,  place  the  evaporator  horizontally  and  stand  it  upright  when  installing,  which  meets  the requirements of container transportation.
• Compressor module: Include compressor, condenser, reservoir, liquid receiver, oil separator, and electric control box are installed on a steel frame to form the whole set.
• Cooling tower module: Include cooling tower and cooling pump. Is a device that uses water as circulating coolant to absorb heat from the system and discharge it to the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature.


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